Strong and Beautiful

Well, this is it – my first post. I have enjoyed the blogs of others for awhile now and thought I would join in. Maybe this will allow me to keep in touch with friends and family a little better. This blog will be a little bit about me but mostly about my little one D, my precious baby girl adopted from Ethiopia. D turned 10 months old last week. I can hardly believe it. When I picked her up in Ethiopia at the end of December she was a baby. Now she is walking and starting to talk, changing into a toddler way too quickly for this momma. Time is going by too fast.

I have made and attempt to post a picture of D. We will see how it comes out. 

The name of my blog is from a comment I received about D. An elderly gentleman at church told me she was beautuiful and as she grasped his finger to try and chew on he also called her strong – strong and beautiful. That reminded me of many of the peopel we saw in Ethiopia. Strong, surviving the harsh reality of a poverty stricken country but beautiful with wide gracious smiles and a warmth that shines from inside. That is what I want for D, beauty that comes from the inside and a strength that is rooted in a firm foundation of faith. I want her smiles years from now to be like the ones she has today, abundant, unhesitant  and full of life and sparkle. The idea that I have become gaurdian of that smile is scary, but I rely on God to see us through. It is with His direction alone that D will continue to be strong and beautiful. D


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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