This Evening


It was a great summer evening. We had hot dogs and hamburgers left over from the Fourth of July and the kids headed out to play. The oppressive heat of the day had given way to a comfortable warmth and kids headed out to play. They rode bikes and played on slides. M and S were visiting grandma much to the delight of the younger kids. M heading into his tween years demonstrated he was not to cool to be a great older cousin. S, a little mother at heart doted on the littles and makes sure us grown ups are doing our jobs. It is this kind of time that make up moments that so of course I grabbed my camera.  I want ed to capture some of the peaceful summer magic.

After only six months it seems that  D is growing so fast, leaving her infancy behind her she wants to take on the world head on. She watches the older kids and I can see it in her eyes “I can do that”.  “No, you can’t” I want to yell, “You are too little, you need to stay my baby.” But instead I watch her struggle, try to catch her if she is about to fall and let her grow. It is one of those hard mom things you just have to do.  But tonight she sleeps, cuddled in my bed. And I know at some point in the night she will reach out not quit ready to make it through the night on her own.

About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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