Just Another Monday

D is making a mess right now. I gave her a box of tags and a set of small plastic drawers and she is having a ball spreading tags around and putting them in the drawer.  She is staying up a little late tonight. She has started sleeping through the night if she stays up later.  After 6 months I have had three nights of more than four consecutive hours of sleep. I am starting to get used to it. I have ENERGY at the end of the day, I am up past 8 pm. Woo -Hoo!

 In other news we spent the weekend at the hospital. My brother has a heart problem that had his heart racing at twice the normal rate for most of the weekend. He is doing better but we are still waiting for a diagnosis. Grandma will be at his bedside most of the week so poor Aunt J will have D along with her own three. M, my brother was adopted out of foster care at about four years old. He is 27 years old and one of my favorite people. He has some delay and functions at about a forth grade level. He can be stubborn and resistant but he is also helpful and sweet with a fun sense of humor. It is hard to think of him not at home. M is so sweet with the babies. He is very gentle and caring with them. A one of  J’s twins loves M and his glasses.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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