What’s in a Name?


I love D’s name. It is unussual and old fashioned. She is named after my father’s mother. I am also named after my mother’s father’s mother (did you follow that) and I like the symetry of that.  I really fell in love with her name when I learned in Ethiopia that her Ethiopian name had the same meaning of her American name. Only God could plan that. Both names mean “a gift of God”. Have I mentioned that I picked D up on Christmas Day? D is definately my gift from God.

Tommorow marks the 7 month aniversary of meeting D. So much has changed in the last seven months. I have been looking (starting to scrapbook) at pictures from that first month with Dori. In several pictures she has this wide-eyed-deer-in-the-headlights look. The first time I saw that loook was in the elevator at the Hilton. She had fallen asleep in my arms at the care center and not waken until that point. Can you imagine? Strange looking people, a totally different place – my poor baby.  I am glad to report I do not see that look very often any more. Now my picture are mostly blurry because she will not sit still and I still have not read the manual on my camera to figure out the right settings to use. 


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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