On a Lighter Note

One of those days I won the game

One of the days I won the game. 

Being a mom is like playing a never ending game of memory. You know the card game where you try to remember where you saw the match for the card you turned over. Except it is trying to find the match for the shoe you want your child to wear. Or trying to find the perfectly matching hair bow you had just a minute ago. Of course it is not like I did not lose things before D. But with D there is a whole new element to the game, my opponent moves thing on me without warning. Like when two feet run by with only one shoe and I when try to remember where she was when I thought about taking the keys from her last. So now I need to get to sleep and hope that tomorrow I will be sharp enough to find two pairs of shoes, one matching hair accessory, my keys, and my purse. On second thought maybe I should get started tonight.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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