Give Baby the World

It was the tagline on the gift card I received for making a purchase at Babies-R-Us. Give baby the world. It made me cringe. How often do I apply that motto to my life? I have so many things I can give D; a cute cozy bedroom, the most adorable clothes, and so many pairs of shoes it is a bit ridiculous. In the future it will be a good education, computers and cars. I can “Give baby the world”.

But should I? Should my main concern be giving D the world? I think not. Giving D the things is the easy part of my job. I go to work, get a check and make a trip to Gymboree. The hard part is giving D what she really needs; love, discipline and a relationship with Christ. The first two require hard work, sacrifice, being awake in the middle of the night, saying no when yes is so much easier. The third is a decision D must make herself. But as her mom it is my job to raise her in the Lord. She will be looking at my example of what it means to walk with Christ. She will be looking to see where my hope is, the source of my contentment. I need to teach her the Word.  She will be following me as I follow the Lord. 

I need to make sure that my little D has more than just the world.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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