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Last week was busy once again. We had a great time on Saturday having some friends over. It seems to be so hard to find time with friends these days. My time with Miss D is so precious I don’t want to spent evenings or weekends without her. And her most comfortable place is home.  I am still try to find a balance with those things.

One of our guests was a very good friend of mine and her four weeks old baby. The baby was wearing an outfit that I passed on from D. I still struggle to believe the D was ever that little. She has grown so much. She has definitely reached tabletop height. She can reach  up and grab things near the edge of the table. Grandma reported the loss of three Starbucks this week. I would question why she does not move the Starbucks out of reach but that might threaten my childcare arrangements. Instead I will try to get up in time to deliver replacement Starbucks with D next week.

D has been a stinker this week for grandma and Aunt J. In addition to the Starbucks, she dived in  fully clothed while Aunt J was giving cousin D a bath. She also took a mud bath today at the park with Aunt J. in fact I think D has only come home in the same clothes she started out in once this week. For me of course she has been a perfect angel.


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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