Weekend Happenings

I was in the middle of writing this when my power adapter failed me (I had bent it and then tried to fix it completely killing it. I am hard on electronics but that is another story.)So the event described below took place two weekends ago. Last weekend was actually just a quiet do nothing kind of weekend. So lets just pretend this is last week and I am writing about Veteran’s Day weekend.

Last weekend was busy, full of fun, new things.  Saturday, we went to our first ever Gymboree class. Dori loved it and I am more convinced than ever that she is not fourteen and a half months old. Dori was easily keeping up with the little eighteen month old in the class and was climbing on things that had her instructor commenting on her excellent balance.   I know in the long run four or five months mean very little but for me right now I struggle that my baby is growing up so fast. After Gymboree we had a quick trip to Toys R Us and then hung around the home front for the rest of the day. Dori took both of her naps so I actually got to clean out the refrigerator. You know your life has changed when cleaning the house is a privilege not a right.

Sunday, Dori stayed with a babysitter on the weekend for the second time in her life. She threw kisses as I left, ran to give me a big hug when I got back and cried when the sitter was dropped off. I was definitely more traumatized then she was. However I did enjoy a massage and the first lunch out with my mom that did not involve any  yelling, spitting, whining, fidigting, etc. in almost a year.

Monday, I went with Jen and the boys to visit a wonderful friend. She is in the early stages of adopting from Vietnam. The visit was very noisy but only one thing got broken. Dillon did it, not Dori, thank goodness. I still need to check with my friend to see if she is really sure she wants kids. All in all I think it was as successful as any outing with a two year old, one year old and twin 8-month-olds can be. Jen and I do outings every now and then and they are always a little crazy.

So that was two weekends ago. As I said last weekend was quiet, just Gymboree and church. I tried some shopping but Dori thought the book store was an opportunity to play chase and disagreed loudly with me when I thought it was more of a place to stay with mommy.  I will be doing most of my shopping for Christmas on line this year. Well, I have written enough to put every one to sleep, including myself, so I will save other fascinating tidbits for another day.

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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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