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Sunday is a day I want to remember. Dori and I woke up around 6 (that is sleeping in for us) and went down for breakfast. She sat so sweet eating her oatmeal and talking to me cheerfully at breakfast. … Continue reading

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Two Firsts in One

I just had to take a picture of this! Saturday morning played with play-dough for the very first time. Which is not nearly as exciting as the fact that she played with the play-dough for an hour like an angel … Continue reading

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Reading Through the Psalms

Dori and I have been reading through the Psalms. We read a chapter a night or 25 verses, whatever come first. We are on chapter 101, so we have been at it a while. At first I would read aloud … Continue reading

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The Joy of Brownies

Tonight, Dori learned the joy of making brownies. She sat on the counter and shovelled in brownie mix saying yum-yum. In a matter of two minutes her brand new clean pajamas were covered with chocolate powder. I don’t think I … Continue reading

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When I was dreaming…

Of cuddling with my daughter, reading books, on a rainy Saturday morning… She never left half way through the second book to chase the cat, She never wanted to turn the pages herself, And it never, never, never ever happened … Continue reading

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This is for Deb

I told you Dori likes her Pooh Bear.

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The Future is Bright

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