Happy New Year

We have had a great year and the weekend was wonderful. New Year’s Eve Day we went with Grandma and Papa and a bunch of the family to San Diego and Balboa park. We road the little train which was a blast from the past and the carousal, then just walked around for a bit. The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time. I remember doing the same kind of thing when I was a child and it was great to pass on the tradition to the next generation. 

Today we went to the park and and hung around the house.  Dori was in a great mood for most of the day. She played with the new kitchen she got for Christmas and with her baby dolls.  Of course, she also displayed a bit of the temper. When something does not go her way she has started to throw things, earning herself time out each time. The high point was when she threw my soda because I told her she could not drink it. It is a good thing she is so cute. It does not keep her out of trouble but it makes it easier to forgive her when she says “sowee”.

As for resolutions, I have nothing specific. My goal is to be better this year then last. I need to find a bit more balance. Work on eating better and getting out of the house more. Nothing too exciting.

Hope everyone else has a wonderful new year. 


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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