Sunday is a day I want to remember. Dori and I woke up around 6 (that is sleeping in for us) and went down for breakfast. She sat so sweet eating her oatmeal and talking to me cheerfully at breakfast. We played for a couple of hours and then she went to sleep around 8:30. After a two hour nap we went to the mall for lunch and a little (very little) shopping. Dori is not a good shopper. After a bit more play she took her afternoon nap. We rounded out the day with dinner and rocking. It was not very exciting but it was wonderful none the less. It was full of those momnents that make motherhood wonderful. Dori dancing to music in her room. Giggling as we play a game. Rocking in our big chair with a book.  Time is racing by and I worry that I miss too much, filling time with activities instead of just enjoying Dori. So Sunday was a good break, a breather I needed before facing this week.  

About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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