She’s Not Mine

I often think about Dori’s Ethiopian mother. My heart aches for her loss. I think about the joy I experience as Dori’s mom and feel so bittersweet  because across the world is a mother without her little girl. I question the rightness of adoption and the unfairness of poverty.

But tonight, as I ponder who Dori belongs to and with , I am reminded she is not mine. She is not her Ethiopian mother’s. She is first and foremost God’s child. He created her and loves her more than I even could imagine. And her adoption is part of his plan for her life. Before she was conceived HE placed the desire to adopt on my heart. He knew which agency I would use, when my dossier would be done and which child would be my family. It was not an accident or coincidence. Dori’s path included a life here in America with me. God had another plan for Dori’s Ethiopian mother. I do not know why I am the one sitting here typing on a laptop in a comfortable home.  But I know that Dori is God’s gift, entrusted to me for a short while. And I must do my best to be a good and strong mother for her. I also know that the hurt I feel for Dori’s mom is a call to action. A call to help those in need, especially in Ethiopia. So Dori and I will pray for the mother we may not meet in this life and take action to share the blessings that we have. And I will trust God to light the path for our little family.

About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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