Working One Handed

I think parent should get patches. Just like the Girl Scouts.  I would go for the read the same book a thousand times patch or the year without a full night’s sleep patch. Or the high pitch scream survival patch.   Tonight I could have applied for the working one handed patch. After falling asleep in the car (no nap) and being woken up Dori did not want me to put her down while I fixed dinner.   Of course the real one handed skill is fastening jeans one handed while holding a little one ( or am I the only one that has struggled with that).  Anyway we could all wear our patches out and about and only other parents would care. Because, really, before Dori I had no clue how much skill goes into parenting.  But if we all had patches, I could be at the mall and see some one with a wiggling child hair patch and ask how can I possible part hair on a child that is trying to run away.   And we could all help each other become better parents.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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