As I Write This

As I write this Dori is sleeping peacefully next to me. She is actually snoring and snuggling up next to me and I feel so blessed to be her mom. 

My family is doing better. Although God has not removed the challenge from our family, He is supporting us through it. I have mentioned before that Dori and I have read through the Psalms. The passionate pleas of David and his faith through trial are reminder that this world and our journey through it are not meant to be easy, but God is faithful and able to provide.

Easter last week was celebrated at my brother’s house. He hosted the entire family after we each went to our own churches. I am one of eight adult children and we all together have nine children. So when you add spouses and in-laws it is always a large party. I got no pictures of Dori in her precious pink Easter dress with matching purse. I forgot my camera and changed her before any one else got a picture. She had fun eating candy and playing in the mud. Somehow I was as dirty as she was by the end of the day (only I had no extra clothes).  If, as my mom says, dirty is a sign of a good time, we had a great Easter.

About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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