Nineteen Months

At nineteen months old:

Dori’s favorite foods are hot dogs french fries and chocolate, much to my dismay. She will eat healthier foods, but those are her heart’s desire.

Dori talks constantly and I understand about a quarter of what she says.  Already she wants to call people on the phone.

She loves pretending. She takes a purse and goes “bye” to the other room. Today she got a little car and told me she was taking her doll to grandma’s.

She snores.

She loves people. We will be out and about and she will smile and wave at strangers. She says please and thank-you (with prompting) and calls children “kids”, for example, she notices a child at the mall and will shout out “hi kid”.

She loves jumping, hates having her hair done, loves quilts for sleeping with, likes brushing her teeth and wakes up every morning with a smile ( she is, at times, a painfully cheery morning person ).

But most of all she is loved.

About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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