This is Harder Than I Thought

Parenting alone is harder than I thought it would be. Not the work. That is hard, but I expected that. The real challenge is in the parenting itself. Before I had kids it was obvious what mistakes parents were making with their kids. Now that I have Dori , I humbly admit I know nothing.

 Am I being too harsh? Too lenient? Is that crying a tantrum? An unmet need? Tor example, this week, Dori has really wanted her bottle. She ussually has one milk bottle daily at bedtime and uses a cup the rest of the time. But on Tuesday she could not have any milk because she had an upset stomach. So today,  I get home from work and she gets hysterical when I did not get her a requested milk bottle. So, do I give her the bottle? Do I stick with the no bottle until bedtime and listen to pitiful cries of “milky, milky” for hours?  Is this just a test? Is she feeling anxious? I know her bottle is a security item for her and grandma was sick and could not take care of her as usual. Is she feeling insecure?

Situations like that come up all the time. And I am the one that has to decide what to do.  Friends and family give advice and input, but the responsibility is mine. I know Dori the best, I am her mom. And I love her so much that it scares me that I might make a mistake. So I trust God for direction and take it day by day. And remember, as a friend once told me, that if our children had perfect parents, they would never learn that they have to rely on God.

And just in case you are wondering, it has been a rough week for both of us, I gave Dori the bottle. She took one drink and threw it down to go play.

About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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2 Responses to This is Harder Than I Thought

  1. aj says:

    It’s quite the life and the things they want only escallate.

  2. You have a wise friend. As for parenting, I only wish I could tell you that it gets easier. You have a lot more figured out than you give yourslef credit for though. Just the fact that you weigh your options, consider the unique needs of your daughter, and more than anything rely on God, speaks volumes. Keep up the good fight, my friend.

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