20 Months

20 Things at 20 Months

1. I love the way you say octopus

2. You lift up your shirt and show ‘mimi mouse” on your diaper

3. You prayed for Gymbo from Gymboree today

4. You snore

5. You still wear an 18 months clothing size

6. You go poo poo on the potty

7.You love “Alvin and the Chipmunks”

8. You call them “meemonks”

9. You used to call them singing kitties

10. You still love hot dogs and cupcake above all else

11. You are getting better at getting your hair done. I have found products that really untangle it.

12. You have a crush on your cousin Micheal

13. When you see Dillon (age 3) daily, you run to each other as if sepatated for months and hug

14. I think you have allergies. Your runny nose bugs you.

15. You stand in your highchair all the time.

16. You want to wear your jammas all day (don’t we all)

17. You want to visit the turtle and fish at the hotel we stayed at last week

18. You give the best hugs

19. You love “baby” kisses (little tiny kisses) and nose kisses and anything that give you goose bumps

20. We have read through the Psalm and Esther and we are now reading Mark. You will bring me the Bible and ask for “Muk” it usually only takes me ten times to figure out you are not asking for milk

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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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