Packing Up

I am packing up Dori’s clothes from last season. She is slowly growing out of those eighteen month clothes and I am certain she will not able to wear them come next winter. It is always hard for me to pack her little things. Time seems to go by so quickly. Dori has gone from a baby to a toddler in such a short time. She seems to speed through milestones before I get a chance to catch my breath from the last one.

Every time I pack her clothes two things happen, I run out to get more clothing (because you can never have too many cute clothes) and I take a boat load of pictures. I took pictures in two different outfits on Saturday. I took pictures on Mother’s Day of her in one of my favorite dresses and then later playing at the pool. Tonight I shot her playing outside. She was emptying the sand out of her sand box and bringing back the dirt. All the while singing and talking away.

I feel time slipping through my grasp and with each step I wonder. Have I done enough? Recorded enough? Will I remember enough and how important is it?

 It’s time to go to bed. 5 a.m. is not far away and I am thinking way to hard about this. All too soon, I will wake up to the relentless call of my cell phone. Drag myself into the shower and slowly start the day.

Right up to the moment I see that little head pop up looking, and those little eyes focus on me and hear that little voice smile at me and say “mornin mommy”. Then time speeds up and I am rushing to catch up once again.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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