This is the Week I Have Had



is my sister’s cranky cat. Of course these days she has the right to be a little  out of sorts due to her recent shave. I know how she feels. Not because of the hair cut. I actually have a cut I really like these days. I have just been down right irritable this week. My family – the one with four sisters has been at high drama this week. High drama is not uncommon with so much estrogen so close together. It can just be a bit tiresome,

At work I have been irritated by an never ending, ever changing project. Plus help that is less then stellar. Dori has had two good nights of sleep this week and the rest were, well, restless. I have been grumpy to say the least. All these things are not uncommon. I am just feeling on the edge this week. Ugh!



About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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