Twenty-One Months

Because her baby book is blank, I feel compelled to record some milestones here.  Don’t worry- Dori has three scrapbooks and a life book, but I don’t always keep track of the time lines well with those. At this point I can honestly report that Dori is potty trained. I have not changed number two in a month and only change wet diapers in the morning and sometimes after naps. Dori has had no accidents at home ( I fully expect a dozen because I just wrote that), she has had some with grandma and Aunt Jenny. We are even wearing big girl panties in public. Panties, not pull ups. There is no one more surprised than me about this current development. Honestly, she did it on her own. I was reluctant, but she kept telling me she needed the potty and would go when I took her.

This has led of course to more independence. She wants to dress herself. She puts on her underpants with both legs in one opening leaving a band around the waste not covering any vitals. All attempts to help are met with a firm “I fine” and so the battle begins. Even as I write this she is trying to put shorts on over her leggings saying, ” I ge dress for shurch in a mornin.” Now she is struggling to walk/hop with two legs in one short leg. I must go help. Even though I am sure she is fine.



About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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