The Cow in the Backyard

Dori has truly remarkable communication skills. She comprehends more than I would like her to and talks and sings almost constantly. I understand her about 80% of the time. Sometimes however we do have a communication gap. For instance, several weeks ago Doriwas looking for the moon and I told her it was covered by the clouds. She got very excited about the couds.  I realized a couple of days later we may have had some miscommunication when she pointed to the backyard and shouted “couds, couds” followed by “moo-moo”. Since there we neither clouds or cows in the backyard I am not sure what she was referring too. Several attempts to correct the cow/cloud mix up with picture were met with additional confusion. We are planning a trip to the fair next week. Maybe seeing a real cow will clear things up. Until then, I am fairly certain Dori is expecting  milk from the sky next time it rains.


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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2 Responses to The Cow in the Backyard

  1. That is absolutely HILARIOUS!!!! Toddler language definitely has it’s challenges for us adults. If only we could go back to our 2 year old selves. 8^)

  2. AJ says:

    Super cute! What a great miscommunication.

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