The Dangers of Potty Training

I am up late. I am obsessing about my daughter’s chin.

After Dori used the facilities last night, I, her loving mother, was assisting her in pulling up her pants. She lost her balance and went head first into the commode. The resulting injuries were a tongue bite and a nasty cut on her chin. After an emergency consult with grandma it was determined that stitches were not required, but I did use the butterfly band aids I have in the first aid kit. The fact that I have a first aid kit, I know where it is, and it was stocked, is a little amazing to me. Being that organized is way out of character for me. Her tongue is bugging more then her chin, but she may have a scar. Imagine that story as she grows up. The worst part is the pitiful way she cried “mommy face in the toilet.”  So I am sitting here thinking of all the things I do wrong as a mom. The top of the list is letting my toddler tip into the toilet. 


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to The Dangers of Potty Training

  1. Auntie Jen says:

    Over time there will be many things we do wrong as mothers. I am sure that this memory will bring more joy then pain. You are a great mother and I’d love to help you out when you are ready for a little break.
    Love- Jen

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