So Many Firsts

Well it has been a busy week and it is only Wednesday, Yesterday, I took the day off to take Dori to the fair. She had a great time with wonderful weather. My niece danced and she is very talented in my completely unbiased opinion. We saw animals and minerals and flowers. We ate greasy food and drank lemonade. Dori met in real life a cow (there have been no more sightings in the backyard so perhaps the confusion has been cleared up). Even more exciting was seeing a real life lama lama. Of course this one was not wearing red pajamas.

Today we added to the week’s excitement with our very first trip to the Emergency Room. I discovered that the only thing worse than seeing your child be hurt is having someone call you about your child being hurt. The words “Dori really hurt herself” paired with Dori screaming in the background was enough to strike terror in my heart. It was my mom making the call. She has eight kids, did childcare for decades and had a handful of foster children. She has been on the front lines of childhood injuries forever and does not travel to the emergency room lightly. Fortunately we located the nearest hospital, they were about forty minutes from home, and I rushed from work to meet them. The emergency room was fast and efficient. We were in and out in an hour.  Dori had a good cut , if there is such a thing, and they were able to glue it together without stitches. She was such a trooper, very few tears, and now the whole thing is covered by a single band aid.  She slept on the way home and I spent the afternoon cringing, sure she would crash into something and split her cut open. You can see from the below picture why I might have been concerned. As best I could, I distracted her with coloring pictures and playing puzzles as best and put her to bed early. I needed the break.  Now comes the real challenge. Five to ten days with no swimming and no beach, and of course, trying to keep her from crashing her poor head once again.


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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