If I were blessed with a large amount of money, I would by my dad a sail boat. A beautiful boat with a motor (for my mom, when there is no wind). He had one way back when and it was lost to the cause of home and family. He would love a new one.

My dad is the best man I know. He walks the walk that most of just nod about on Sunday mornings, Not perfect or without flaw, but consistently letting others go first in line. He does things like spend a hot Friday night helping my sister clean her house, open his home to children and adults that need one, waits for everyone else to get food before he serves himself lunch and my favorite, he interrupts a break to pull Dori on his lap and reads her Fancy Nancy/. He gives much love, support and wisdom and does not ask for much in return. When the time comes for the last to be first, I only pray I am enough like him to spot him way ahead of me.

It is unlikely that clear sailing is ahead of us anytime soon on this earth. But for my dad, I hope the place being prepared (for use in about 70 years) is a sailboat.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to Dad

  1. aj says:

    he is an amazing man.

    i’m confident that his “sailboat in the sky” is beyond what any of us can imagine and he will still stop to pick us all up and take him with him.

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