I am Going to Kill that Bug

Just last night I was thinking that It has been more than a week since Dori was up in the night.  I was just starting to think that this could be a new trend. I thought that until about 2 am this morning.

“Mommy, I on da boat on da wader. Da bug bit me”

In case you do not speak two, that means, “Mommy, I was on the boat on the water and the bug bit me.”

Since Dori has not been on a boat on the water that I know of, I assume she had a dream. Either that or she confused boat on the water with pushing the stroller in the backyard. She had an unfortunate run in with an ant hill a couple of days ago.

Anyway, that stupid bug was the end of my streak of uninterrupted sleep. So if you run into an imaginary bug in your dreams tonight, please give it a good squash for me.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to I am Going to Kill that Bug

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Beth~
    Your Dori is just beautiful!!! I was glad to see your post on my Blog, it has been a crazy year for me! My time has finally come though! I leave Friday and can’t wait to get Zaela home! I would love to meet one day after I get all settled in! Let’s keep in touch!

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