Fun, Fun, Fun

We had a great weekend. Saturday started with an early morning park visit. My girlfriend and I have been going to the park at 7:30 of Saturdays. Since both of our girls are early risers it works out good. We are out before it get too hot and the kids get in park time and we get in some adult time.

On the way to the park I got my first garage sale deal ever. One of those little tykes easels for $1.  I have been looking at them for awhile for Dori. Even though the one I got is missing it’s tray and covered in paint Dori has already colored and chalked all over it. So great for a dollar. I also got a table and six chairs. Now I have enough seating for my extended family to eat without lawn chairs.  

But the day was young and our main goal was the beach. There was a potluck for families with Ethiopian children and we were on the way. Dori, for once, napped when I wanted her to on the way to the beach and was ready to play when we got there. It took awhile for her to warm up but when she did she had fun playing with some new friends and reacquainting herself with people she has met before.  I unfortunately missed a section of my neck and chest when applying sunscreen and came home part lobster.

So today, after church, we took it easy in the air conditioning and playing on the chalkboard. Dori went to bed by herself great and I am only working three days next week.


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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