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Dori pulls the diaper off her baby doll.  She squints her nose and exclaims “Oooooh Man! Eeeuw stinky!” She sets aside the diaper. Then with contraband tissue from the bathroom she wipes the baby’s bottom. With each swipe she squeals, … Continue reading

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The Reality Is…

That being a single parent is tough. It is exhausting, scary and relentless. I know there are different challenges with parenting with a partner. But being single means it all lies on you.. the bills, the parenting, the pressure. Finding the … Continue reading

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Tea for Two

I cannot believe my baby is two. She is officially not a baby anymore. We had a birthday tea for her. just because I could not resist a “Tea for Two: theme. Dori loved having people over and sang “Happy Birthday to … Continue reading

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Post 100

I understand it is tradition to post 100 things for you 100th post. I maybe wrong but you get to read them anyway.  I am posting 100 things about our start. Since this blog was started after we had been … Continue reading

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Well I have about 3 post to write, including one about Dori turning 2. But our scheduled programming has been interrupted by illness. Namely throwing up (in mom’s bed and on mom), fever and what really freaked me out hallucinations. Yes, … Continue reading

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