Well I have about 3 post to write, including one about Dori turning 2. But our scheduled programming has been interrupted by illness. Namely throwing up (in mom’s bed and on mom), fever and what really freaked me out hallucinations. Yes, I called my mom at 2 a.m. this morning when Dori was freaking out over worms  and bugs that were not there.  Apparently kids can hallucinate even with just a 102 degree temp. I wish I had known that.  It is really scary to have your kid pointing and screaming about what is not there.

When Dori is sick she wants to lay on me. I am a giant pillow for her. This particular day was made even more miserable by the fact that our air died. 91 was our indoor high today, without the fever warmed toddler draped over my body. 

The air conditioning has a blower that was damaged by the owner’s manual and warranty left inside the blower housing when the unit was installed three years ago.  Nice right. I will try and get the builder to cover it but until then it is out of my pocket. And it will be a week of ninety degree temps while we wait for the parts.

So I am off to get my baby to bed and will post on other things tomorrow.


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to Yikes

  1. Oh Beth!!! I am so sorry to hear about Dori being sick, and maybe even a little more sorry about the A/C going out. I would surely die without my A/C duing our long, hot summers. If you guys need a place to cool off, you are more than welcome to come over o our house. I can’t guarantee that the house will be immaculate, but it will be cool. 8^) Call me if you want to come by.

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