Monday Morning

Like most work mornings we hassle through getting dressed and breakfast and shoes (I cheat and do hair on Sunday nights). I finally herd Dori to the car through the distractions of bugs, and grass, and whatever else crosses her path. I put her lunch bag next to her, and then hand it to her at her request. Seconds later she realizes that is uncomfortable and wants it next to her again.  Right as I was about to yell in frustration as I move her bad again, I hear her little voice, “Tank you, mom.” She is all settled and with her bag in place, ready to go.  And I am reminded that an extra second to put a bag in just the right is an important part of Monday morning.

It is the sweetest part of being her mom. She has such a soft heart. My days are sprinkled with little spontaneous thanks and “I wuv you mom” usually accompanied by a hug. She is my example of the power of the tongue.  I know that one sweet acknowledgment made my morning; I also know that if I had been sharp with her it would have hurt her little heart. This Monday morning Dori reminded me the importance of being slow to anger and taking the time to say “thank you” and “I love you”. Take the moment to make some one’s day.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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