After waiting for Dori as she was chatting, twisting, screaming, having a time out for screaming, dawdling, dropping her fork, pushing food around and generally doing everything but eating, I lost my patience. I told Dori to hurry up if she wanted to help Aunt Pammy make caramel apples.  (This was bad because I knew she was not done, just not focused). She responded by inhaling two big bites and claiming, “I’m done”. Grateful to be done with dinner I swept her up to join Pam in the kitchen.  She then gagged on her big bite and proceeded to cough it up all over me. That what I get for being impatient. None the less we had fun making apples and then carving her pumpkin. She helped unwrap caramels and dip the apples. She scooped out the goop in the pumpkin but squirmed when she got seeds stuck to her arm. We then tried her antennae on the pumpkin and on her. Now that she is asleep I am re-glittering the antennae so that they match her black and red lady bug costume. I am also making my sister paint red glitter on her black tutu because I thought it was too boring in just plain black. I am a bit crazy that way. 




About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to Payback

  1. Lisa says:

    Looks like you are all ready for Halloween! What fun!!!

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