One Tough Week

Last week was rough. First, I am fairly certain that the masterminds behind changing the time twice a year never had to face an overwrought two-year-old at 6:30 in the evening. Something about shifting the time an hour seemed to mess with all of Dori’s sleep patterns including her naps. On top of that we just had a hard time.

Sunday, I went into work for a few of hour while Dori went with grandma to take papa to the airport.  She ended up getting falling while she was gone and bumping her head. By the time she got home she was asking for bed and all I could do is get her pajamas on and tuck her in. 

Tuesday, I got stuck on  slow train into L.A. and Dori was running a fever at grandma’s. She was up three times in the night and I was dragging on Wednesday.

Thursday was the real kicker. Once again I received a call at work. This time from Dori’s preschool director. Dori fell in the bathroom and cut her face. I called my sister and she drove Dori and I to the emergency room for three stitches. I am ashamed to say I nearly passed out holding Dori down and had to sit for stitch 3. The good news is that this cut is in her eye brow and fairly unnoticeable. But I am really scared for Miss D if she keeps this up. I am seriously considering strapping her into her car seat in my office all day to keep her safe.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to One Tough Week

  1. HabeshaChild says:

    ugh! that really was a tough week! I hope it gets better for you soon…

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