A New Skill



I am always delighted for Dori to master a new skill. Just imagine my excitement when my sister and I ran out to the car in the freezing rain to grab the groceries and returned to find the door locked. Good thing we had set of keys with us.


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to A New Skill

  1. joy says:

    lol, i am sorry! I’ll share my lock out story. It was in February I believe. It was freezing outside with snow on the ground. I had wet hair and NO shoes or jacket! I ran to throw the trash in the bin that is right out our door. I came back and she had locked me out and couldn’t figure out how to let me in. She was panicking, screaming and crying. I had no cell phone, no extra keys. None of my neighbors that live in my townhouse set was home! I had no choice but to run to the next set of homes and ask a neighbor to please call maintenance. It was horrible experience. And would you believe, I didn’t learn my lesson and got myself lock out again about a month later. This time I went into the back yard and she locked the patio door. lol! Thankfully she can now lock and unlock the door.

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