Does Any One Have a Kid That…

Asks the same question over and over again?  Without stopping?  Even though you answer each time? In a progressively louder voice? All the time?

Pees all over the the floor instead of in the toilet? While sitting on the toilet? Twice? In one weekend? After using the toilet sucessfully for months?

Has a high pitched scream? The kind that can shatter windows? And send you to your knees clutching your ears? That comes out frequently for weeks?  Then disappear for months providing false hope that it will never be heard again? 

Anyone have a kid like that? No reason, just asking.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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3 Responses to Does Any One Have a Kid That…

  1. Andrea says:

    Yes, Yes!

    I can definitely relate…OMG! My daughter is constantly asking the same questions over, and over. “Mommy, what you doing? Is Grandma at home? Over and over, like a broken record. I guess that’s what they do at this age. Brace yourself I think it gets a little worse when they get older….LOL!


  2. Except for the pee thing, I am THERE! 🙂

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