The Princess and the Pea

I was stuck in traffic today.  Next to me was a truck and trailer stacked with more than thirty mattresses. Someone must have been testing for a princess. I don’t know if they will have any luck. These particular mattresses were rather dirty and moldy; no princess I know would come near them.  I was in traffic because of a sinkhole that has closed down the freeway in two directions for several days.  For a while I was behind a SUV with two small kids hanging out the window, obviously not secured in proper child safety seats. I am fairly certain they did not have seat belts on. I so wanted to yell at the driver but since we were trapped in traffic together I held my tongue.


It has been a fast week. I am still catching up from being sick. I really wish someone would clean my house and do the laundry.  Dori has been a drama queen this week. I love her dearly but that child can bring on the hysterics at the drop of a pin. I am looking forward to the weekend. Catching up a bit and meeting some new friends.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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