Drama Mama

It has been a rough couple of weeks. I think I mentioned the whole sleep, whining, tantrum issue a while ago. My daughter is a champion tantrum thrower. Has been since the day I met her. One of her nicknames is “drama mama”. I am hoping it was just a phase/time change thing. Yesterday I saw her happy personality peak out again and today we did well until dinner. Everything is just so hard and unfair when you are two. I just had a flash forward to thirteen. Yikes. It is a good thing I have some time to prepare.

In addition to our tantrums we stared gymnastic this month. Three weeks into it and it is the highlight of her week. “We go to hinastiscs today?” starts many a days. She excels at the trampoline having lots of practice at grandpas. I have not as of yet gotten pictures.

We also met some new friends recently. Miss Zaela, who lives at Honey Beach, is as cute in person as she is in pictures. Miss Elyse that lives a few minutes away just got home this week and is just precious. Dori was actually on my lap checking out blogs with me tonight looking for her friends.

And now I offer youmy first taste of Dori drama. Look at those tear tracks. She was hysterical as she got her diaper changed and fine as soon as she was done.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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