The Two Side of Being a Working Mom

Since graduating from college my career has been an important part of my life. I worked hard to be in the position I hold today. My job has so many things that I love; new challenges and good people in a good organization. We are under a lot of strain right now just as many organizations. Do more with less is the current mantra. Sound familiar? I have worked long hours in the past and I have been OK with that. I liked working hard and being successful. Now, of course, that is not an option. And if I was totally honest I would say there are days I resent having to leave on time.


At the same time, when I am at work, I resent that I am away from Dori. I want to be at home, going to the park, fixing wholesome meals, doing homey mom stuff. I even want to learn to sew and garden and be a stay at home mom.  


There are times when I feel my life is a mediocre compromise. Not a super employee. Not a super mom.

I keep waiting for the balance, the best of both worlds. Instead I just keep working as hard as a mom and a professional, hoping my efforts are enough to make it through another week.



About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to The Two Side of Being a Working Mom

  1. maliasmama says:

    I can sooo relate. I would quit my job today if I could just to be home, just to share each moment.

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