Happy Birthday Dillon!!


I just came across an old prayer request list. Listed on it was the request for a healthy birth May 13th. Obviously our prayers were answered four years ago. Thanks for letting me practice parenting on you for the first year of your life. You gave me my first taste of how hard it would be to work and parent. Dori has probably benefitted from my practice so she owes you. You are so loved and such a blessing. I know it has been tough little guy with all these little ones. But you are a growing into such a good big brother and cousin. You and Dori are great friends. You ask for each other all the time when you are apart and either play great or fight like cats and dogs when you are together. You are more like siblings than cousins and I predict your bond will continue to grow. I love you lots little man. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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