We met other adoptive families at the park today. I really did not want to go. I started the day grumpy. Dori asked to go to bed before gymnastics (very unusual for her). But I know how important making those connections with other children are for Dori. So I persisted through the drizzle and the traffic, and I am so glad we went.

Several families braved the damp Saturday afternoon and and we had great attendance. There were so many kids for Dori to play with. For the first time she really played with some of the other little girls instead of just clinging to me and asking to swing.  She played great for hours. As for me, I am starting to recognize more faces and people. It was great.

We ended up staying until after 5 pm.  Miss Dori fell fast asleep on the long car ride home. Since it was after 6:30 I am fairly certain she out for the night. No bed battle -bonus for mom!


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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