Dori and the Performing Arts



Dori and I had another big day. We went down to San Diego to see three of Dori’s cousins perform in their church musical. They were all talented and wonderful. And I determined that Dori is still not ready to sit still through the length of any performance. I have dreams of taking Dori to the children’s theater or to see “Cinderella” performed by the little local ballet school. One day we may even go to a movie. Alas Miss Dori watches just about anything with enthusiasm. While I might find her running naration  and  restless antics somewhat amusing, the typical theater goers may not – even in children’s performances.  I do have hope though. Last year she could be heard through out the church. This time just a couple of rows were disturbed. 

After two busy days we are both a bit wiped out. Actually I am wiped out and Dori is alternating between hysterics and whining – two of my  favorite behaviors, while avoiding sleep. 

Now I think she finally asleep and Iam going to bed.


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to Dori and the Performing Arts

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow sounds like you two have been on the move! I am with you,, a few busy days and I need a week to recover! Well, she is adorable as ever!!!

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