And Then There Is The Crash

Dori was not asleep last night when I thought she was. She was did not go to sleep until after 9:30. And that is after I yelled at her like a mean old nasty mom. Followed by mom guilt that I would lose my temper and send my precious baby girl  into sleep with “LAY DOWN DO NOT MOVE AND BE QUIET RIGHT NOW DORTHEA NOELLE SISSAY!!!!!” ringing  in her ears. The worst part is that it worked. Right after that she stilled enough to go to sleep. The fun continued all night though, she woke several times in the night to sleep  on top of me. Good times.

Monday, probably due to the busy weekend, lack of sleep and of course that evil yelling mommy, Dori got her first bad report at school. She was mean to her teacher and then cried when her teacher went home at the end of her shift. I am of course convinced she has been utterly ruined by her horrible yelling mother, who kept her too busy and got her all overstimulated this weekend leaving her more crazed than normal.

Right now, even though I have rocked her, read her stories, patted her back, gently reprimanded her about being mean to her teacher (to which she responded with a pitious “I’m sorry, I forgive you mommy” – she will either be an Oscar winning actress or is genuinely sorry, tonight I am not sure which), she is in bed crying out, “I don wan my momma, I wan my granmaaaaa!!”

Honey I kind of want granma too and a Diet Coke.  Please just go to sleep cause mostly I just want this day DONE.

About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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4 Responses to And Then There Is The Crash

  1. Joy says:

    I have mean yelling mommy guilt too, its nice to know I am not alone 😉 Hang in there. I don’t know about you but sometimes it seems like something my daughter does will last forever, while in the moment, and then I remember that she is always changing, growing and learning.

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