Nap Time

I was laying down with a book waiting for Dori to fall asleep. She started to fidget and I told her to lay down. She responded by using my back for a pillow.  After a few minutes I hear a soft snore. I lay there, with her warm breath moistening my back. How quickly time is going. Dori used to fall asleep on me all the time as an infant. Now it is a rare occasion. With the summer here once again, Dori’s third birthday is just around the corner. She is more little girl instead of baby each day. Baby chubbiness has disappeared into a lean and trim figure. She runs, climbs, jumps and dances without inhibitions. Her language skills have exploded. She tells stories, shares her thoughts and explains what is going on. She laughs with abandon and her smiles light my world.

 For today I am her best friend (she told me so) but this day will be gone all too soon. Before I know it naps will be a thing of the past. She will want little to do with mom and someone else will be her best friend.  One day I will miss this.

So while a mile long list of things to do stretched through my head, I closed my eyes and prayed. I thanked God for the blessing that is Dori and asked for wisdom to be a good mother. Then I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment while I can.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to Nap Time

  1. maliasmama says:

    Mama, you keep writing MY posts 🙂 Sniff…

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