The More Things Change

The more I go a little crazy.

Dori started the three year old class this week at school. She stated out great Monday morning. It was the first time in weeks without any tears when I leave. Little did I know she thought she was going to be in the four-year-old class and had a meltdown when she learned she was not in Miss Marcia’s class.

She told her teacher mommy said she would be in the bigger class with Miss Marcia – the bad thing is I might have. She often constantly talks and I am sure the conservation went like this:




Me: Uh huh.

She snuck off twice to the four year old class that day but seemed to settle down and accept her fate as a three year on Tuesday. Today she was with my sister while grandma is out of town. I am hoping tomorrow will be great or at least she will not escape.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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