Dori has determined that 9 p.m. is her new bed time, unless she skips her nap. She is usually pleasant until late so I am going with the flow for now but it does cut into my alone time.

We are trying to celebrate the summer with some fun activities. We went out Islands on Monday with Aunt Shell, Daisy and baby Gage. Daisy is ayear younger than Dori and Gage is about 5 months.  As a result of that evening I have once again resolved that a picnic at the park is the way to go with little kids. 

Last night we picked blueberries at Daisy’s farm. Actually I picked blueberries, Dori picked green berries and followed Daisy. It has become a summer  tradition. It also seems to be a tradition that I did not get pictures.


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to Awake

  1. MaliasMama says:

    It’s weird, but I think she and Mal are the same person! 🙂

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