Dori’s early night turned out to be a little bug. She had a fever so we had a sick day Thursday.   I was a little insulted when she wanted to go play with her friends at school instead of staying home. She was better by Friday and feeling good this weekend.

I was actually talking to another single mom tonight just as she was on her way to pick up her sick little one (Hey Sunday-I am praying for a quick recovery for Elyse.)  It is one of the tough parts about being a single mom – sick days. Thursday was a light day at work and I was OK taking the time off, but some times it is not so easy.  Dori is always my first priority, but  there are times that I have responsibilities at work that are hard to put off.  As the breadwinner in the family I have to maintain a reputation for reliability and professionalism even when I have a sick kidlet. I am fortunate that my mom, who is a super grandma,  has been able to fill in a couple of instances . I am also able to work from home during naps when needed.

Dori fell asleep early again tonight. I am hoping she is not ill. She felt a little warm but that my be due to the fleece blanket she insist she needs to sleep under. Tomorrow would be a bad day to miss at work – it is my last day before  11 days of vacation. I already gave grandma a heads up that I may call her in morning. Since Dori ‘s aunt has a play date with her cousins and a friend I have a feeling she would be disappointed once again. 

PS Dori is asleep on the floor and just had a conservation in her sleep. She even sat up. My little chatter box.


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to Sick

  1. Sunday says:

    Hey Beth,

    Elyse is doing better but she now has a pretty severe eczema outbreak. I am trying to keep her out of the sun as the sunscreen seems to irritate it. Wondering about possible allergy to milk as the cause as well. Praying for Dori too…hope she is starting to feel better. Love the beautiful pics of her.


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