4th of July

Took a couple a days off work and away from the computer. So catching up we have the 4th of July.


This is one of several red, white and blue outfits Dori had.  I apparently took advantage of sales last year in addition to this year’s fun Target shirts. You can all morn with me a bit that this particular shirt is a size 4 from the kids (not toddler) section. Please just tell me it looks huge on her.

Anyway back to the forth.

I made this cake from scratch. Perfect it was not but it tasted yummy.


After a barbequed hot dog (her favorite) and some potatoe chips (only at grandma’s house) and a couple bites of carrot ( under protest) Dori enjoyed the frosting – which is all she will eat on a piece of cake.


For entertainment grandma provided a slip and slide in addition to the pool. Dori played with Michael, Sarah and Aunt Pam. Apparently you need a certain amount of weight  and absolutely no inhibition to really get going on the slip and slide. Dori had no inhibition and no weight so she kind of slip and stopped. Sarah was a little hesitant and took awhile to get going good. I don’t blame you sweetie. Taking a head long leap onto a piece of plastic seems a bit risky to me. Micheal exhibited a typical teenage enthusiasm and went flying across the grass like Superman.  Aunt Pam slid pretty well too-  due to her lack of inhibition only I am sure. I have video of Pam but despite my promise to post I will refrain. We do live together. She does stay up later than me. She would hurt me.


Dori did not make it to fireworks. She found the best seat in the house to crash and crash she did. I carried her to the car, buckled her in, drove home, unloaded her, took her upstairs and put her to bed without her  batting an eyelash. We had to watch “firepops” on u-tube the next morning.


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I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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