A Moment Alone

My sister is mocking me because I am watching Lightning McQueen even though Dori fell asleep an hour ago. What can I say – I like a good animated flick and I am too lazy to go switch the movie.

 This is the first night in a while that Dori been asleep before 9.  After multiple meltdowns starting around six I figured she needed an early night. When she is up late it limits my alone time so I have done little on another adoption. I am kind of  a slow and steady type so don’t expect a rush of activity anytime soon. I am not planning on updating my homestudy until early next year. Right now I just want to determine which agencies will accept single applicants for Ethiopia and if I need to get on any waiting lists. 

I have a great picture in my head of Dori being about five, huddling close  to me excited an anxious as we meet the newest member of our family in Ethiopia. I don’t know if it will come about or not but I do know that He is able ” to do imeasurably more than we can ask”. If it’s God’s will He will open doors and provide a way. If it is not then I am blessed beyond measure to be Dori’s mom and will take a different path in serving Him.

About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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2 Responses to A Moment Alone

  1. Sunday says:

    Great to hear an update! Will definitely be praying for you. Elyse and I are in Wisconsin visiting family right now. Having a great time.

  2. AJ says:

    You’ve got to love Lightning McQueen!

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