Smelling Sweet

You know what will modivate you to spray on some good smelling stuff each and everyday?

 Dori. Because she will sniff your shirt and proclaim loud and proud “Mmmm you smell good!”

Unless you don’t , then…well I will leave that up to your imagination. Have I mentioned how loud Dori can be?

But seriously is this normal. My natural inclination is to discourage such things -” Dori you are not a dog stop sniffing me!”  I mean – “Dori smelling people is not polite dear. Please refrain.” Am I squashing some childhood sensory experience?  Will she need therapy if I make her stop the sniffing? Sometimes she acts as if she has just discovered the sense of smell.  Anyone know?


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to Smelling Sweet

  1. MaliasMama says:

    Mal has taken to telling me about my morning breath (Um, kiddo, it’s 6am and YOU cane to ME), about clothes I’ve thrown in the laundry pile, about my hands after cooking etc. I think they DO rediscover their olfactory sense somewhere along the line. 🙂

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