Birthday, Birthday, Birthday

My birthday is this week. Dori’s birthday is a couple weeks away. We are getting ready for her party. She is beyond excited and she is driving me crazy. My parents took us out to dinner tonight for my birthday and I had to pull Dori out of the restaurant because she was starting to climb on the table. I am always willing to leave a placewhen she misbehaves. I have done it more than once. I find we just need to step out a few minutes and Dori will usually calm down. It is much more effective than having an audience in the restaurant, mall or wherever we happen to be. I have also left places when I know that Dori is just too tired or over stimulated.   

Any way back to the birthday. Dori has been counting down to her birthday for months. From May through  August I think our family has eight birthdays. Dori’s is the eighth and with each successive birthday her anticipation has increased.  Now we have sent out invitations (she helped make the paper ones) and just have to wait for the party at grandma’s with cupcakes and a “pinadia”.  It is going to be a long two weeks.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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