Lost and Gone


Not Dori and I but my trusty laptop. I guess it was stepped on one too many times and just refused to turn on. Without it I have just not been in the mood to fight the super slow desktop I am currently using. Waiting ten minutes for a page to load is beyond my attention span. But I miss posting and so here I am.


We are doing well. Earlier this month we made a big move. We are now sharing a housing with grandma, papa, Aunt Katie and Uncle Matt.  My dad’s job will require he and my mom to be out of town most of the time and Aunt Katie (18) and Uncle Matt ( in his mid twenties with special needs) need some supervision.  I am in a position to help out so here we are.


Dori loves being here but at the same time is sad to lose her home. It has been a bit of adjustment but we will get through. Now I just have a mountain of boxes to empty and find a home for all that important stuff. The good news is I am using this move as an opportunity to purge a bunch of stuff and we should have a good sized garage sale to help with those upcoming adoption fees.


About Beth

I am Jesus lover and single mom.
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One Response to Lost and Gone

  1. Glad you’re back!!!! Upcoming adoption? Woohoo!!!!

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