The Nutcracker

I am proud to announce that Dori sat well through the whole first act of the Nutcracker. Her Aunt Katie play various roles in a local production and Dori was very excited to see her dance. The second half … well let’s just say hot chocolate and Skittles at intermission may not have been a brilliant parenting move. And I should have listened to the little voice telling me not to allow her to sit between her indulgent  adoring grandparents instead of next to me.  She lasted until the dance of the sugar plum fairy ( I get a little bored there myself), then we hung out in the hall awhile.

My youngest sister has danced in the Nutcracker since she was about seven. My niece has also danced in the Nutcracker  a couple of times (different production of course).  I have lost count of the times I have seen the “Nutcrack” as my daughter so elegantly puts it. If the tutu wearing and twirling  around after this production is any indication I think there is more of this Christmas classic in my future. I look forward to it with anticipation. Just forgive me if I nod off a bit during the dance of the sugar plum fairy the thirty or fortieth time.

The Cocoa


(This picture refuses to rotate and it is late so you get what you get)

PS I got my first ever public not great hair comment. It was subtle. From an african american mom of one of the dancers. She said somethimg about look at that hair down.  I don’t think she was impressed. I could just be oversensitive. It was rainy. Dori’s hair get fizzy in the rain. I am trying to keep it down more because it was breaking off ( I switched products for a while – it was a mistake). I just can’t win – bad mom.


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